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Chipmunk Habitat. Chipmunks feel most at home in areas with plenty of ground cover, including logs, trees, stumps, shrubs and rocks. While the ideal habitat for chipmunks is a deciduous forest, woodland or brushland, they’re also comfortable in other areas that provide sufficient cover such as urban parks, fence lines, hedges and houses. Lively and speedy critters, chipmunks are small members of the squirrel family. Their pudgy cheeks, large, glossy eyes, stripes, and bushy tails have made them a favorite among animators, and.

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An adult chipmunk should have about 28 grams of food a day. Basic diet should contain cereals with addition of vegetables, like turnip and carrots, nuts, fruits in small quantities, and a limited amount of animal protein in the form of meat pieces and eggs. Peanuts and sunflower seeds should also be fed in limited quantities. Taxonomy and systematics. Chipmunks may be classified either as a single genus, Tamias, or as three genera: Tamias, of which the eastern chipmunk (T. striatus) is the only living member; Eutamias, of which the Siberian chipmunk (E. sibiricus) is the only living member; and Neotamias, which includes the 23 remaining, mostly western, strip-club.xyz classifications were treated as subgenera due to Class: Mammalia.