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Who can get a circumcision? We do circumcisions on babies less than 1 month old and kids and adults over the age of Why have a circumcision done? Well there are a lot of good reasons! 1. Cosmetic – many patients including their spouses find Missing: fresno. Anyone you know that has had his foreskin removed as an older boy or adult will most likely (perhaps even 99% of the time) have had it done out of misinformation. Because we have a culture of doctors that don’t know about normal, healthy, intact penises, they are prescribing circumcision when they are unnecessary.

Circumcision. Circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin, or loose tissue covering the glans of the penis, is removed. Top 10 Adult Circumcision Clinics in the USA - WebGener.

Dr. Sameer Malholtra and the Gentle Circumcision team specialize in performing circumcisions for adult men and providing a virtually painless circumcision using local anesthesia. Find out more about the benefits of adult circumcision by calling Gentle Circumcision or booking an appointment online today. Adult Circumcision Adult circumcision is a surgical option for men who did not get circumcised as infants. We are here to make Circumcision affordable, comfortable and successful. Performing Circumcisions for over 29 YEARS Circumcision Center Enhance the Missing: fresno.