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Sep 11,  · Support and Resources for Adults with LD; This guide covers the definition and effects of dyslexia, and other information such as signs of dyslexia, how dyslexia is diagnosed, and how dyslexia is treated. Every Student Succeeds Act, Department of Education. Recognizing the signs. Multi-sensory programs. Barton Program. Wilson Reading System. Davis Program. Apps for dyslexia. Read and Spell blog. 3 Dyslexia programs for adults. Dyslexia is a specific learning difference that can affect literacy skills in children and adults.

Appropriate accommodations for helping adults with dyslexia in educational settings include access to print resources like those offered by Learning Ally™. Over 80, human-read audiobooks include an extensive collection of textbooks, classic literature and test prep aids that are available to download for anyone with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Jan 20,  · In the US, other resources for adults include tutoring from the non-profit Pro-Literacy and many Community Colleges and Universities have either free or low-cost programs to help with tutoring. If you are enrolled in a class at college and are having trouble, you may be able to be referred to the disability office for free testing that may qualify you for .