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Adult students who have also been accepted in a degree program at Pace University. The Adult Degrees allow up to 36 credits assessed through the portfolio, while the traditional degrees may allow up to 15 credits. What is the first step? Linfield College, which accepts up to 30 credits, including some from non-traditional life experiences such as travel, family, and areas of personal interest. Colorado State University, which accepts up to 90 total credits towards more than different programs of study.

Today, many of the nation’s top accredited universities are recognizing the unique skills that adult students bring to their college degree program. By offering college credit for life experience, these schools are able to acknowledge the prior experience of adult students and help them save time and money when furthering their education! Most regionally accredited universities limit the number of life experience credits they will accept to 30 credits maximum (one year of college). Typically, the last 30 semester credits (senior year) of any regionally accredited bachelor’s must be taken as formal courses directly from your degree-granting college.

Aug 19,  · The PLA program provides an opportunity for college students to gain academic credits through the demonstration of skills, talents, and life experiences in a portfolio. This student portfolio should include detailed descriptions of the results and provide evidence of their learning, skills, and abilities acquired. Adult students, in particular, often have a reservoir of college-level learning (CLL) gained through professional and personal accomplishments that they can use to earn non-traditional credit (NTC) towards Loyola's degree completion programs offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Aug 10,  · The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at CCU oversees the awarding of life/experience credits. Students pursuing associate degrees can earn up to 45 credits, while those in a four-year program can earn up to 75 credits. CLEP and DSST credits by examination are permitted, as are prior learning assessment portfolios. Students actively enrolled in the Adult Degree Program at George Fox University may be awarded a maximum of 30 semester hours of credit through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process. Credits earned through the PLA process may be used to fill electives. They may not be used to fill general education or major course requirements.