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Sep 29,  · Fungus Gnat Life Cycle What's nice is the adult fungus gnat only lives around one week, but in that time they can lay up to eggs each. In about days these eggs hatch into larvae and begin snacking on the roots of your plants in the moisture rich soil. The pupal larvae grow into adults within days and repeat the cycle. Bacteria causes root rot, but fungus feds on bacteria, and gnats fed on fungus Technically, one leads to another. The female adult will deposit anywhere from 30 to eggs inside the potting media. These eggs aren’t black like the adults, but a whitish-pale or almost translucent color.

Mar 07,  · Adult fungus gnats live about one week on average and can lay up to eggs in moist soil, moss, and in cracks and crevices on the surface of plants. They prefer to lay their eggs where the fungus is already growing. It takes anywhere between days for tiny larvae to emerge and begin feeding on plant roots for about 2 weeks. The adults have short lives, but reducing their population will also reduce the number of new eggs being laid. The best way to control adult fungus gnats is with yellow sticky traps. These are exactly what they sound like: sheets of yellow paper with adhesive on them. Yellow sticky traps can be found in the pesticide section of your garden center.

Adult fungus gnats only live for about a week, but in that time, they may lay up to of their eggs in your plant’s soil. Yikes that’s a lot of eggs! The adult gnats themselves are generally harmless, but the larvae that hatch from all those eggs will feed on the roots of your plant and start to hurt it. Fungus Gnats are a type of adult fly that is attracted to homes that have gardens or vegetation.. They can be quite the nuisance but more than that, their larvae can kill your plants! You have spent half your summer tending to the lovely geranium plant and waiting for it to flower in vibrant hues of purple and suddenly the plants growth is stunted and it dies.

Nov 25,  · Adult fungus gnat on a leaf. Fungus gnats have 4 growth stages, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. When a female gnat lays her eggs in the soil they take about 3 days to hatch in warm soil of 75F. After hatching the larva quickly grow through 4 instar stages before forming pupae 10 days later. They live in soil or potting compost. This insect thrives in damp composts containing high levels of organic matter. Potting media formulated for houseplants is the best choice for indoor plants. Adult fungus gnats do not damage plants but they can cause annoyance when they are flying around indoors.

Feb 13,  · The Lifecycle of a Fungus Gnat. The life of a fungus gnat consists of four stages that typically take place over 20 to 28 days. Most similar in appearance to a tiny mosquito, adult fungus gnats are winged, with long legs and antennae. The adult fungus gnat will only live for around a week, but during this time, a female can lay up to eggs, and the cycle begins again (University of Vermont). What Do They Eat? Adult fungus gnats, aside from being pretty annoying, do not present much of a problem to plants and their owners.