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An adult guardian is appointed through a court order. The person seeking guardianship will file a petition in the proper court and appear in front of a judge to establish the potential ward’s incapacity and/or disability. A qualified guardian is someone who is a legal adult (over 18) . The person appointed by the court is called ‘adult guardian’, who helps the incapacitated adult in managing personal matters. However, if that adult still wants to retain some control over the affairs, he or she can seek a guardian advocate. Guardian advocate .

Guardians look after the emotional, social, financial and physical well-being of these vulnerable adults and advocate for the least restrictive living environment possible. They often make end-of-life decisions as well as funeral arrangements. Conservatorship and adult guardianship are essentially the same thing — different states use one name or the other. To keep things simple, we’ll just use the term conservatorship. If someone can’t make important decisions for him or herself, a judge appoints someone — called the “conservator” — to make those decisions for her.

The system of adult guardianship is intended to protect vulnerable elders. Instead, it’s lining the pockets of lawyers and guardians. Dillon Bergin. Searchlight New Mexico. View Comments.