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Now that we are finally kicking off summer, it’s time to think of Luau parties!The Dollar Store has awesome and cheap luau party decorations every year, and this luau bingo game has ten playing cards so that up to ten people can play at one time – although if you have enough prizes, you can always play with a larger crowd, knowing that multiple people will win on every round. All you need for pineapple bowling is 12 pineapples to use as bowling pins and a coconut or two to use as the bowling balls. The luau party game is played just as regular bowling except you can stand a lot closer to the pins. Have some fun on your driveaway, on your sidewalk or even on your lawn with this game!

Luau Party Games Because We Can't All Live in the Tropics. Whether you are having a Luau, Beach Party or Hawaiin Theme party, these luau party games will supply you with plenty of fun. Did you know that it is customary for Hawai‘i families, regardless of ethnicity, to hold a luau to celebrate a child's first birthday. HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY GAMES limbo. Get the party hoppin with a game of limbo! You can purchase a bamboo stick at your local craft store. To play limbo start the game by putting on some Hawaiian dance music and ask your guests to feel the music. Start with the limbo bar set high and ask guests to walk or, better yet, dance their way under the bar.

Other fun Hawaiian luau party games include the following: Stack the Leis - Have party guests pair up with a partner. Create two lines of players, with partners facing each other about 20 feet away. Place a box of 30 to 40 leis behind one line of strip-club.xyz: Susie Mcgee. Jan 13,  · Fun Luau Party Ideas for Adults. Jan 13, by Health Tips. Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular picks for birthday parties. Luau party is one of the most popular themes, which people opt for. It goes well with any special occasion be it someone’s birthday, anniversaries, holiday, etc. Luau parties are colorful and fun.

Aug 11,  · What Do You Do At A Luau Party? There are SO many fun things that you can do at a Luau party. There are lots of fun luau party games including; Tiki Torch Ring Toss – Place Tiki torches in the ground and have the kids throw rings over the torches. Flip Flop Toss – Place hula hoops on the ground.