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Produced in partnership by Exponent Philanthropy & Youth Philanthropy ConnectBuilding and sustaining effective youth-adult partnerships is key to both advanc. YOUTH-ADULT PARTNERSHIPS IN EVALUATION (Y-AP/E) 2 Acknowledgements This resource guide represents the work of many scholars, who along with practitioners and youth have created the emerging field of youth participatory evaluation. We have reflected on this wealth of experience in order to emphasize the.

Apr 29,  · One condition of successful youth-adult partnerships in foster care settings: Adults must be willing to share their power and responsibility with young people. Youth-Adult Partnership: Involving Youth in Decision Making Julie Petrokubi, Shepherd Zeldin, and Jane Powers () There are many people -- staff, volunteers, community leaders, community partnerships -- that want to partner with young .

Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric | A ofes velopmen valua ttings Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric OVERVIEW Youth-Adult Partnership (Y-AP) is an approach increasingly adopted in youth settings that involves youth and adults acting as partners for a common goal. Similar to the concepts of “youth-driven,” “youth. Youth-Adult Partnership RUBRIC. Funded by the Edmund A. Stanley Jr. research grant from the Robert Bowne Foundation, this Rubric is developed through a research study consisting of extensive literature view, a series of program observations, youth and adult interviews and focus groups to assess the practices of Youth-Adult Partnership (Y-AP) in various youth settings .

This platform aims to highlight youth-centered issues, demonstrate the necessity of youth leadership, and provide educators and youth-serving professionals with useful tools and resources for fostering youth leadership and strengthening youth/adult partnerships. Those new to youth-adult partnerships and systems of care are recommended to read Youth Involvement in Systems of Care: A Guide to Empowerment. It offers readers an introduction to youth-adult partnerships, including an overview of the rationale for youth-adult partnerships and a discussion of the benefits for youth, adults, and organizations.

both youth and adults to develop the materials, a list of possible outcomes people may want to achieve through youth-adult partnerships, an adult self-assessment tool, and a beginning resource list on the topic. The design team invites you to take this manual, make it your own, and always work with youth and adults side-by-side. Jan 19,  · The following tips can be helpful when you are working to create Youth-Adult Partnerships. “No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth.