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This page displays a full archive of historical UK 49s Lunchtime results for the year The UK Singles Chart is one of many music charts compiled by the Official Charts Company that calculates the best-selling singles of the week in the United Kingdom. Since the chart has been based on the sales of both physical singles and digital downloads, with airplay figures excluded from the official chart. This list shows singles that peaked in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart.

Sat EDT Designed by architects working for Norman Foster, this could have been the futuristic headquarters of a multinational company. It was, in fact, Jared's new school. Linking page for schedules from August August 1, August 2, August 3, August 4, August 5, August 6, August 7, August 8, August 9, August 10, August 11, August 12, August 13, August 14, August 15, August 16, August 17, August 18, August 19, August 20, August 21, August 22, August.

The year might prove to be the last gasp for reality TV shows, but Channel 4's Big Brother still managed to make the headlines when Emily was thrown out for using a racially-offensive word. But what really provoked a furore was the London Olympics logo. The design took a year to create but was instantly mauled by the public. August Forecast Conclusion - The UK Housing market is expected to decline by at least 15% during the next 2 years. Despite the Olympics, London is expected to fall as much as 25%.

A soldier stands guard next to an armored car in Pisco, kms ( miles) south of Lima, Tuesday, Aug. 21, Last Aug. 15 a magnitude-8 earthquake shook the southern coast of Peru, killing over people and injuring at least 1, 2 August – first reports of the United Kingdom foot-and-mouth outbreak among cattle in Surrey. 9 August – French global bank BNP Paribas in the U.K. blocked withdrawals from three hedge funds heavily committed in subprime lending for mortgages, helping to initiate the worldwide financial crisis of

Sat EDT. Share on Facebook; In the UK, Mills says supermarkets Tesco and Sainsbury's are among those employers that have a "good . UK; Windsor, Berkshire Aug We did a day trip to see Windsor Castle in Windsor. It was pretty neat! Plus, they had an audio device that was included in the ticket price that gave the history of the castle. Here's a few pics, but the collection is on David's site. He took most of the pics.