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bike xtreme lite adult football shoulder pads - water birth of a Lite beer

The BIKE® Xtreme Lite™ linebacker shoulder pads are lightweight pads constructed with epaulets positioned forward to provide better protection. This pad has a low profile cantilever system that adds protection for the shoulders without compromising flexibility. There are pre-drilled holes for extensions and a vinyl strap for a snug fit. Jan 01,  · Product description 40% lighter than conventional shoulder pads, these Bike (r) Xtreme Lite Linebacker Shoulder Pads include heavy plastic strap closures on the front and back. The sleek, low profile pad features a plastic body arch encased in foam, while the in vinyl belt straps provide a snug fit to the chest.

Football Shoulder Pads Adult Shoulder Pads. Youth Shoulder Pads. Shoulder Pad Accessories. Back Plates. Football Cleats Stock Football Jerseys Stock Football Jerseys. Custom Football Jerseys Custom Elite Sublimated Jerseys. Custom Elite Tackle Twill Jerseys. XTECH Protective Equipment is proud to introduce the X2 Shoulder Pad. A lightweight, breathable, flexible, water-resistant, comfortable pad which provides unmatched player protection. Built with XRD® Technology; An Exclusive Industry Partner. These pads are built to enhance maximum safety, protection, comfort, flexibility, and mobility.

These pads are brand new and have never been used!!  Bike Xtreme Lite football shoulder pads have the following features: * Size: X-Large - lbs, shoulder width ", chest size ". * Color: Black. * Youth shoulder pads. * Lightweight pad designed for contact at the youth football level. * Lighter weight gives . All images © Epic Sports, Inc. Copyright infringement and unauthorized use will be prosecuted.

Mar 12,  · get the second one. the "plates" on the shoulder will give more range of motion then the other ones. Bike is a good company, but if you want a serious pad that will never fail no matter what, riddell is the best option. That’s why we stock the leading, most technologically advanced adult football shoulder pads from the strongest and most innovative brands like Schutt, Douglas, Bike, Gear , Riddell, and Adams. Looking for the best college football shoulder pads on the market, worn by 85% of division 1-A players? Check out Douglas. Want to play like the pros?