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carotid bruits in young adult - ADULT TIME Whitney Wright & Joanna Angel Gaped & Drilled

Make the Diagnosis: Carotid Bruit It is hard for physicians to resist auscultating the neck. Perhaps no physical finding in adults causes as much confusion as the presence of the carotid bruit in asymptomatic patients. Over a mean follow-up time of months, 2 patients died (%) and further cerebrovascular events occurred in 4 others (25%). We conclude that carotid angiography plays a meaningful role in providing a definitive diagnosis in young adults with carotid artery Author: D J Castle, M H Silber, L C Handler.

carotid bruit is one well localized to the midcervical region just behind and below the angle of the mandible. Clinical Detection and Prognosis Carotid bruits are detected in 4% to 5% of the population aged 48 to 80 years and are associated with internal carotid artery stenosis in 50% of cases. Other causes of carotid bruits include increased venous flow, external carotid artery stenosis, and transmitted cardiac murmur.

stenosis must also be considered. Normal young adults quite often have a short supraclavicular bruit; the reason is unknown. DEGREE OF CAROTID STENOSIS AND CHARACTER OF THE BRUIT With modest arterial stenosis or irregularity an, y Situations when the presence or absence of a carotid bruit Cited by: 7.