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His death highlights the fact that the rate of colon cancer in people under the age of 50 is on the rise even as it declines in older age groups. The American Cancer Society projects that in , 12 percent of colorectal cancer cases will be diagnosed in individuals younger than age 50 — the equivalent of 49 new cases per day. Sep 21,  · The face of colorectal cancer is changing. Today, incidence rates of colon and rectal cancer are on the rise in young people (those under the age of 50) while decreasing in older adults (those over the age of 50).

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published in February that colorectal cancer in young adults has risen dramatically in generations born after Those currently between the ages of have 2 times the risk of developing colon cancer and 4 times the risk of developing rectal cancer than people born in the s were when they were between those . Jul 31,  · Colorectal cancer is typically considered a disease of aging — most new cases are diagnosed in people over age But even as the rates decrease in older adults, scientists have documented a.

Mar 13,  · That’s the dramatic shock when you are diagnosed with colon cancer. And in young adults this is becoming more common every day. According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, in the U.S. 10 percent of colorectal cancer cases are patients under the age of Jun 07,  · “And two, the rise in early-onset colorectal cancer is most rapid in Western states and does not appear to be directly correlated with historic changes in obesity in young adults.” Researchers say Author: Jennifer Clopton.

Aug 08,  · The new report also helps confirm recent research that has shown a rise in colorectal cancer cases in young people. Meanwhile, cases of the disease have dropped dramatically in older people, says. Treatment of young adults with colorectal cancer (CRC) represents an unmet clinical need, especially as diagnosis in this population might lead to the greatest loss of years of life. Since , CRC incidence in individuals younger than 50 years has been increasing by 2% per year. The surge in CRC i Cited by:

Mar 04,  · Though most colorectal cancer in young adults is not caused by genetics, some mutations (changes in genes) are linked to an increased chance of having colorectal cancer. How to Diagnose Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults. Colonoscopies are the preferred way to screen for colorectal cancer. Doctors will be able to look at your colon and rectum to. Jul 31,  · Why colorectal cancer is occurring in young adults Researchers don’t entirely know for sure why colorectal cancer is increasing among those in younger adulthood. But there is some thought that the continually increasing rate of colon and rectal cancer — which has risen in every generation since the s — is tied to changing lifestyle.