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erotica for women on oprah - Vintage Erotica 1960s - Busty Girl with Lovely Hairy Pussy

Sex Appeal: Pop this ovum-shaped stone into your vagina, and Kegel your heart out to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your orgasms. (It can't get lost inside you, but you can buy one with a cord attached for easy retrieval.) Satisfaction Level: "I spent 15 minutes a day flexing my muscles (while watching 30 Rock on the sofa) and noticed more control after less than a week.". But imagining being naked with a stranger doesn't necessarily mean you're looking to cheat or in you're in the throes of an emotional affair. "What makes a fantasy powerful is the fact that it is just that: a fantasy!" says Darnell. "Its purpose is to help you process things, and is not a reflection of any latent erotic desire.".

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow’s podcast for “long-distance besties everywhere” has gone the distance itself. Launched in , CYG is a femme-identifying weekly series in which the host best friends call each other to discuss topics from pop culture to politics. They follow each other down whatever chat rabbit hole they find themselves teetering over, and they’re still going . We could cite research that shows many women watch porn, but all you really need to know is that Oprah Winfrey has porn suggestions for women, and if Oprah gives personal recommendations for.

The author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn (oy!) shares her choices. Suspecting that A Clockwork Orgy probably isn't as good as its namesake, we asked porn reviewer Violet Blue to recommend a starter kit of quality adult films. (Blue also suggests visiting websites such as and, both of which offer diverse video selections and stringent . With many of Oprah's viewers voicing complaints about their husbands becoming addicted to Internet pornography, Oprah asks psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz—is erotica for women a double standard? "It's not a double standard," Dr. Saltz says.

For the past 10 years, Violet Blue, sex columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn, has reviewed thousands of adult films and websites for her readers. Violet says women who are looking to spice things up need to know the difference between porn and erotica. The women who own G Boutique, a sex store in Chicago, help you ease into erotica. The five things to start with when you're exploring your sensual side.

Erotica maven Rachel Kramer Bussel lends her editorial curation to another collection of reads for lusty ladies. This one, however, dedicates every inch to women with actual bodies. Might we recommend “First Come, First Served,” a story about a Latina bakery employee who learns her number one customer is visiting her at 7 a.m. sharp daily for hot cross buns of a different kind.