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A promise that if the occasion ever presented itself, I’d do everything in my power to be one of the lucky dicks getting sucked in a Glory Hole Hustlers video. Fast-forward a year, and I’d just moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Didn’t have much to do in the new town so I fired up the ol’ porn machine and found a new Glory Hole Hustlers video. For those who read my first story, "Giving it Up," this is the lead in. These events were my first excursion into the dark side of my sexuality. If you have read the previous story you will know that I was a virgin when it happened just a couple of years ago. What happens in this current story, over 20 years ago, is all true until the end.

Nate doesn't quite measure up to his new teammates. Costume fun, then to a bar and bookstore. On display, humiliated, and picturing his friends' junk. Wild date ends at a glory hole. A married couples dynamic changes dramatically. and other exciting erotic stories at! Enjoying a cock through a gloryhole. GI finds cock to service in the 80s. Darlene joins her husband at the gloryhole. My life as a cocksucker. Upset over my ex-gf's wedding, I sneak out to a gas station. Glory hole experience. and other exciting erotic stories at!

The Christmas Party where Jon gets used. Peter discovers Marie's secret fetishes. Natalie and i have to be the guests of honor at a gang-bang. Adventure continues with first trip to a gloryhole. A 21 year old university student discovers the slut in her. and other exciting erotic stories at! tits toward the glory hole, and offered them though the hole. I got a picture of half of Alan’s face pressed to the hole as he sucked his sister’s lovely tits! Ann drew back from the hole and Alan stepped up. I was quite impressed at the length of manhood he poked through the hole! A good 8 .

That is all part of the mystery of a glory hole, I could have sucked off my cousin and had no idea, it’s such a thrill and I love leaving the room and looking at people wondering if it was them I gave the best orgasm too or if their partner even knew that’s where they were. Hi, I found your story to be erotic. mostly when the other. I LOVED the idea of a glory hole and it's one of the top searches I've made on the porn sites I visit, plus some of my favourite Literotica stories are (straight) Glory Hole stories. The site showed that a visit to this home made glory hole would cost me £50 and that it was a glory hole ONLY service - a blow job, hand job, but definitely no.

Nov 07,  · Jenny Visits a Gloryhole - Yes, it happened the other day again. People, posts, chat online as well as people I come across in real life will often trigger erotic thoughts in my head. Those thoughts most often evoke memories o. A Glory Hole Experience Ch. 02 by Happy-to-be-Me 1; Three Days of Watching my Wife Fuck by newbie ; Filling up Amy by yojohn ; Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party by Tabbisfull 67; Discovering My Nasty Wife by Tony